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Kevin Moriarty’s interest in photography began in the mid-1960s at age 14 in Brooklyn, New York. It happened when he found his father’s WWII duffle bag in the family’s basement. In it was a Yashica Mat-124 camera. As soon as Kevin held the camera and peered through the lens, photography became his passion and a camera his constant accessory. Immediately, he started saving money from odd jobs to buy an OmegaB22XL enlarger so he could teach himself to develop and print his photos.

A stint in the Peace Corps in Liberia in the early 1970s did not dampen Kevin’s commitment to growing as a photographer. Having to purchase film and paper in bulk from Europe with several months delay for delivery, and needing to rely on fellow Peace Corps volunteers’ science skills to create processing chemicals, were minor inconveniences. Rainy days were welcome respites when he could wash the prints and film, losing himself in seeing the images he had captured come to life before his eyes. On an up-country trip with his students, fate once again intervened with a second discovery. While exploring a house on an abandoned European tree farm, Kevin discovered a 1940s enlarger that still worked. His desire to establish a photo operation in Ganta, Liberia, became a reality when, once each month, the enlarger was powered by tapping into the village chief’s generator and stringing a cable 1,000 yards to his own cabin.

Returning to the United States, Kevin completed his graduate education and entered the professional workforce, eventually moving to Texas and San Antonio. He found the city and community a perfect fit for his commitment to making a difference in public health, as well as perfect subject matter for his camera. From local festivals and celebrations, to landscapes of the Texas Hill Country and Big Bend National Park, on to international trips with family and friends – Kevin’s appreciation and respect for life’s richness was captured in every photograph he took. As his scope and skills expanded, so did the tools of his art; from a Canon 35MM, Mamiya 645, and Sinar 4x5 film cameras, to Canon and PhaseOne digital cameras. Experimenting and improving still remain key factors in his ongoing love affair with photography.

After four decades in health care – two with the City of San Antonio followed by 21 years as President and CEO of Methodist Healthcare Ministries, making available needed care to the underserved in South Texas - Kevin begins the next chapter of his life in 2018. Beside him will be his beloved wife, Jennifer, and behind him, his five adult children. In his hands, will be a camera. And in his heart, the joy of a 14-year-old boy discovering his art and creative passion.

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